Skydiving  -Pondicherry: 29th June - Dhana 6-8th June  - Deesra : not scheduled. - Pune : not scheduled Scuba Diving -In pool ...


 -Pondicherry:29th June
- Dhana 6-8th June 
- Deesra : not scheduled.
- Pune : not scheduled

Scuba Diving
-In pool running all seasons: Bangalore,Mumbai
-Scheduled in October at Netreni Island Murudeshwar,Andamans,Tarkali

 -Currently running at Rishikesh,Machinbele,Andamans

 -Currently running at Rishikesh,Coorg,Dandeli,Sikkim,Leh

Jungle Safari
 -Currently running at all national parks

 -Valley Of Flowers Trek : July,August

Hot Air Ballooning
 -Currently running at Rajasthan

 -Currently running at Rajasthan,kikar

Bungee Jumping
 -Currently running at Rishikesh 

-Currently running at Leh,Manali,Uttaranchal,Munnar,Varkala,Patnitop,Sanasar
Scheduled: Yelagiri in August 

-Currently running at Goa

Adventure And Travel Estimates
The below information contains estimates of sports and travel as per various travel companies.The prices may vary slightly depending on season-off season and also on rupee-dollar conversion rates.

Sports Estimates Travel Estimates
Skydiving 20-25k Turkey(10 days) 60k
Scuba Diving DSD City 2-3k Thailand & Laos(10 days)40k
Scuba Diving DSD Sea 4-5k Best of Europe(10 days) 70-80k
Kayaking(Basic,int) 1-7k Central Europe(10 days) 60-80k
Wind Surfing 1.5-2.5k South Africa(10 days) 60-80k
Microlight Flying 3-8k Malaysia(unplanned backpack 10 days) 20-30k
Paragliding Training 8-10k Thailand(unplanned backpack 10 days) 15-20k
Trek VOF,Gangotri 12-17k Singapore & Indonesia(unplanned backpack 10 days) 20-30k
Rafting,stay 1-3k Bhutan(unplanned backpack 10 days) 10-20k
Hot Air Balooning 10-12k
Around Bangalore Camping 1-2k
Around Bangalore camping(with stay) 2-3k
Bungee Jumping 1.5-4k
Ziplining 1-2k

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