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Hi All,  This is a genuine attempt to connect both the travel and adventure enthusiasts to the travel providers . The website is user fr...

Hi All,

 This is a genuine attempt to connect both the travel and adventure enthusiasts to the travel providers. The website is user friendly,so as to make the end user more aware of the choices he makes,getting the best out of the best.

Not only so,it also helps in forming groups based on the location they choose.

If travel is not what they are looking for,they can always participate in NGO's for social causes.

If adventure is their new passion,there are plently of adventure instructors,clubs and groups.

The benefits for the end user are:
>Travel with the best local agents.
>Interact,Form a group and travel with Like Minded Travellers.
>Feedback would be taken seriously and reviewed periodically.
>Transparency regarding details of the best local agents.
>Many people would love to do social work,but have no idea where

Best travel agents/Best homestays/Best resorts:
"Best need not be the costliest,best is best 
 Folks have the fondest memories.

Best Adventure Clubs:
 Its very rare when an adventure enthusiast gets to know about the instructors and the team.More so,there are 100's of adventure providers,finding a genuine one is difficult for users.Also,the attitude of people towards the service providers(travel/adventure groups) is usually grave.This is a chance to stand up and say "No we are this,cauz we did this".

 "A business is a business when
 You have your respect intact"

Best NGO's

 "Everyone wants to do social work,
  It just needs a little motivation and a little detail"

For over 100 NGO's in the country standing up for different causes,just google cannot be the only source of information.The website helps in forming groups for social causes too:adopt a pet, clean the city, donate old clothes etc etc.

 Do not copy the concept, make them your benchmark,and help India travel hassle free,seeking pleasures in best adventure groups and doing society some good.

Together We Can

Anki S.

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