Who AM I

   Who Am I?     * I am a traveller       * The kind of one who has travelled every nook and corner of India, gone on...

   Who Am I?

    * I am a traveller
    * The kind of one who has travelled every nook and corner of India, gone on All India Road Trips,Jumped  here Dived There.Singapore,Bhutan  and Thailand  overseas.Been there done that.

    * I believe "“The world is a book and those who do not travel read    only one page.” – St. Augustine“

    * And I am here to help you open up those unread pages..

   Who Am I not?
    * I am not a travel agent
    * I am a travel enthusiast just like you and I am here to make your travel easy.

    * Know your destination.Know best time to travel.Form a group or travel solo.

    * Enjoy every location.Some clicks,some memories,some videos,some nice moments,some new friendships and some good work.

  Why choose me? 


    * 1)Plan a place>Google a place>Get info>Call many travel agents>Choose your most preferred travel agent>Call the travel agent>Travel agents call the local agents/vendors>Confirm the travel agent>Go on your vacation,two possibilities here
    * a)You like your experience: Well and Good
    * b)You do not like your experience: Again seach for another travel agent

     WAT I DO

    * You decide a place>Let me know>Your budget,choice,place etc etc>I choose the best travel agent for you>Confirm your vacation>Hurray! Enjoy.Simple.

  The Objective?

    *To form Travel groups
    *Help travelers
    *Backpack the World
    *Explore India
    *Participate in adventure sports
    *Interact in travel meets
    *Do some good work for the country
What might be in store for you?

 *How about some social work: Clean India Anyone?
 *How about Republic Day Parades:Fantasy since childhood?
 *How about learning your culture,language,people and place?
 *How about finding a group of like minded travelers?
 *How about a road trip in New Zealand,Backpacking Turkey?
 *How about some real life inspirational stories?
 *Skydiving in India Anyone?




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